This Podcast from the PMHS-school is one episode of a series of podcast about digitalization.
In this episode the topic is “the importance of digitalization in the building sector and the Vr-technology” from the students Michael, Dario and Ernest.

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VR Military training:
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conducting interviews: Michael Gagliolo
research and production: Michael Gagliolo, Dario Dragic, Ernest Gjulioski
people who were interviewed: Stefan Beck, Susanne Frey and anonymous

In this episode of the podcast of the “Berufswelten 2021” we talk about the 4th Industrial Revolution. For this topic we interviewed three different people from our local school. We talk about what the 4th Industrial Revolution is, how it shows in germany and how it’s perceived by the interviewed. We also talk a little bit about digitalisation in general and our own opinion about the topic.

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You want to turn the lights on by clapping?
You want someone to tell you a story while going to sleep?
You want to live efficient and safe money?
Then a life in a smart city with a smart home is what you need.
You don‘t know what this means or what a smart city is?
This Podcast Episode of ‚‘Digitalisation“ will explain it to you.
It is about „live smarter not harter“ and how the current
development affects our lifes today and maybe
the progress in the future.
It shows the critical aspect in dealing with smart cities
and smart homes and why this is always important to
It summarizes results from interviews at an event,
located at the PMH school. Where many companies
introduced their activities and presented students
their jobs to acquire new trainees. Furthermore in this
Podcast Episode three students will Show you the pros
and cons of this topic, give Information and discuss
about some findings and speculations.

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In this podcast it’s all about autonomous driving. The podcast is highly interesting and
exciting and is guaranteed to contain information on this much discussed topic that you
didn’t know yet. So an exciting podcast with learning factor! It’s about what autonomous
driving is, the legal basis in Germany, as well as the technical status today and where the
areas of application of autonomous vehicles are. The podcast also contains some
exciting and informative interviews with experts and their opinions. It’s not only about
technology, but also about the economical and social side. About fears and chances of
self-driving vehicles and their promising future. So have fun listening to Louis, Jannik and
Luca and stay tuned here on our podcast.